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Vintage Vinny

** Two Issues sold!!**
BTYE Computer Magazine Issues
( New Older Issues found!)

Cost of 1 magazine: S$4.00
Cost of a set of 12 magazines ( most from the same year) : S$ 40.00

Description:   Rare collectors' issues of
BYTE Magazine dating from 1979 to 1990  for


Looking for any past issues of BYTE or PC magazines which date back to the 1980s?

Drop us an email and we could just have that precious issue that you been searching for!

  **Include : the year AND month of the magazine issue in your email request.

Set of BYTE Magazine

BYTE Magazines

Balinese “Fisherman” Antique Statue

 1)A standing statue of a Balinese Fisherman
 2)Originally bought from Bali
 3)Well – preserved by owner for over 20  years , kept in good condition
 4)No scratches or cracksComes in protective cover

Cost: S$ 14.00**
Weight : approx. 1kg
Height : 17cm    Width : 11cm


Fisherman Statue: Click to Enlarge Image
Front View

Click to enlarge image

Back View

Exquisite Peranakan- Style Wooden Tea-set

Consists of 1 teapot and 4 tea cups

1)Tea pot has intricate designs of dragons and flowers carved on its surface, with a silvery metallic interior and a small tea cap.
2)Each of the wooden cups has various designs of flowers/plants carved on it
3)The tea pot set is in good condition with no cracks or scratches. It has been well-persevered for the past 20 years by owner. Made 100% of quality wood.
4)A great way to add a tinge of quaintness into your home!


Price :S$12.00

Weight :  500g ( teapot)

                 50g ( For 1 tea cup)

Width of tea-pot ( with handle) : 16cm

Height of tea-pot: 9cm


Click to enlarge image

The Entire Set

Click to enlarge image

Tea pot with engraved cravings

What is for sale

1)Wide range of Exquiste and all-original Balinese antiques and figurines
2)Vintage, collectors'  issues of BYTE computer  Magazines dating from the 1980s
3) Coming soon! Bags
4) Books and Novels in untouched conditions

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